Yodelling through West Highland Way - a blog by Sharon Barbour

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Eight girls and one ‘Alpha Minion’ as he became known took to the West Highland Way on Sunday doing a total of 108 miles but I am sure it was felt by many of us at some part like 208 miles.

We had the pleasure of being waved off by Louise Ferguson who had the role of being our official photographer. Am sure after Louise’s week of walks down Ayrshire she was very happy to be waving us off.

Off we set all looking very bright with our yellow Hike for Health t-shirts but then we all came to a stop very quickly. Why I hear you ask. Because those of us ahead didn’t have a clue what way we should be going. Thanks to our HOME Hero Linzi Martin who was on hand to tell us we had to follow a little thistle sign otherwise we may well have landed back at the Milngavie shop which wouldn’t have been a bad thing (Big Steve makes a great cup of tea and was the perfect host before we set off).

If anyone heard any reports of someone yodelling along the route then look no further than Audrey but it was more to our amusement when after hearing her echo we heard a gentlemen join in.

It was great to reach the halfway mark which just so happened to be a pub to allow time for us to freshen up or more to the point get a little refreshment. We are not used to this hot weather in Scotland. The heat even had one of the party thinking she saw a snake (which turned out to be a pipe) but we did come across some other animals including cows, sheep, horses and even a deer.

When we signed up for our walk we thought the challenge of the day would be the hills and rocky pathways – it turned out to be gates. I think we have mastered every way to open a gate from levers, locks and to one that had a chain and bolder on the end to make sure it didn’t stay open.

Out walking in hot weather you start having dreams of ice cream, cold drinks and ice lollies. We were never so happy to come across a house with an honesty shop. The money was quickly placed in the box and ice lollies were purchased.

So focused were we on following the thistle we nearly found ourselves doing the second stage of the West Highland Way. Maybe the next time!

The walk was completed by Sharon Anderson, Sharon Barbour, Linzi Martin, Jen (Linzi’s sister in law), Luke Norman (our Alpha Minion), Kelly McIntyre, Yvonne McMenamin, Janice Collins & Audrey. On route many people asked about Hike for Health which we all took great pride in telling them why we were doing the walk. We had a few who thought we were walking to Nairobi and told us we were going the wrong way!