When I first got the call - Blog by Ian Smith

At first when I got the call, I was so shocked, I thought they had called the wrong Ian Smith as it is a common mistake to get me and the Online Ian Smith mixed up. I was assured by the caller that due to my distinct accent, they were speaking to the right person and they then proceeded to ask me the big question: “Will you be able to join us?” My heart said yes but my head said check with your wife! Her response was “Hakuna Matada“ which if you know the Lion King, means no worries.

The weekend followed and work was busy as ever so to be honest, at times, it almost slipped my mind of the fantastic adventure I am about to be part of. I had my jabs last Monday and the reality of what is about to happen started to sink in. This is mainly down to two reasons. The first is that the Yellow Fever jab is starting to do its magic and I spent most of today feeling dizzy and queasy. The second is my kit arrived and I took at least an hour modelling the different styles and outfits to my wife and kids.

I am now in a place where I am seriously considering what I am actually going to do. I know we are going to get physical which is fine, after all I am South African and to be honest, the more physical the better. It is the sustainability piece that is the most important for me. I know Africa and for decades, the West has pumped funds into this continent to help it stand up and the sustainability piece has been missing in many such projects.

My plan is simple: Do what I do well in William Hill, connect, learn and coach for improvements. It is simple, it works and it will hopefully give the individuals on the receiving end the inspiration to commit to using the tools given to them by William Hill to ensure our legacy remains for decades to come. Who knows, is there a CEO of the future in Ol Maisor? Why not?

Watch this space to find out and before I forget, there will be another passion of mine travelling out to Kenya……………..you guessed it,


Ian Smith