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So, before you go anywhere, you check the weather forecast. I do anyway, it’s the Northerner in me, so you can pack a jumper or a coat or wear long sleeves etc.
So the weather forecast for Kilimanjaro for this week is:

“Mount Kilimanjaro Weather Summary Week 7th October:

Above 4500m: Heavy snowfalls, heaviest during Friday night (16cm) and Sunday afternoon (5cm). Temperatures will be well below freezing, with a maximum temperature of -7°C above 5000m. Wind will be strong in places.

Below 4500m: Heavy rain (total 36mm), heaviest during Friday night. Temperatures will be slightly above freezing (max 4°C), but warmer near to the park’s entrance (max 11°C). Wind will be generally light.”

Splendid! Friday night it’s raining cats and mwba’s (thank you Google translate) and will be the first night in my deluxe 2 man tent with my sleeping partner for the week, Thomas. And then we will be climbing into the snow just in time for Sundays 5cm.

But it’s for a good cause and we all need a little humility. The children of Laikipia don’t check the weather forecast before they go out. They don’t have a choice of a jumper or a coat or long sleeves. They are lucky if they have a change of clothes, never mind a choice. They don’t even have a deluxe 2 man tent (with legal advice only centimetres away), just a tiny hut made of mud with 4+ people in.

So spare a thought for Myself, Maria, Thomas, Andrea, Natalie, Tom and Robbie this week, it’s going to be the toughest thing we ever do. But more significantly, please spare some money for the children. It’s not too late to sponsor us and help give the kids some choices.

Vince Bateson

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