Vorsprung durch Bildung (Advantage through education) – blog by Juergen Reutter

Another early wakeup call just in time for Schraga’s 6:30am Yoga session, which was run according to the motto “stronger backs can lift more heavy bricks”.

There is a teacher shortage at the school so Joe Asher, Schraga and Steven took over some classes teaching English and Maths, a new experience for both sides.

Work on the teachers’ housing is continuing and today’s job was mainly painting.

We handed over the new school sweaters and sun hats to all the pupils. Small things make big smiles here. Our team in the UK who obtained these items and had them shipped should be very proud. Also a shoe inventory, supervised by Joe McCallum is on its way. The goal again is to have all kids equipped with proper shoes. Some kids still have no shoes and many of the ones we bought last year are worn out.

Friday will be the big Sports Day at Island School with four neighbouring schools taking part to compete mainly in football and volleyball – titles need to be defended.

Kristof was coaching the football team in one of the last training sessions before the big match day. In the manner of Mourinho – the team got sworn in.

Victor Wanyamy is the player the boys aspire to be. Born in Kenya, he played for Belgian side Germinal Beerschot, then at Celtic and is now midfielder in the EPL with Southampton. He is a great example of European teamwork taking care of Kenyan talent.

The girls’ volleyball team are training hard for their matches as well. Our donated volleyballs are in heavy use and the girls are inspired by their national team who won the African Championship many times and represented Kenya at the Olympics.

As Audi claims advantage through technology (Vorsprung durch Technik) we work to give these kids advantage through education (Vorsprung durch Bildung).

Juergen Reutter