October 4th 2012

The last time I saw most of my collegues, pre-Kenya, we were all in business dress, and probably talking about matters that seemed like the most important thing in the world at the time.

Yesterday, on our first day of graft at the Island Primary School, in the midst of the Kenyan Plains, we hefted nine tonnes of bricks, built three feet of walls around the library, and ably-led by Thomas ‘Gepetto’ Murphy, a squad built five school desks.

New desks in the making

“ably-led by Thomas ‘Gepetto’ Murphy, a squad built five school desks.”

I knew we were a team of grafters at William Hill. But I now know that we’re a brave and tireless bunch of grafters. Everyone worked so hard, in 30-degree equator heat, and simply refused to capitulate. Pretty amazing for a bunch of soft-handed execs really.

Robbie Savage has jumped in with both feet (metaphorically just for a change) and has proved an amazing member of the group. He had the honour of kick-off yesterday, the first of our fun donations to the children, with the ceremonious hoofing of a football onto the school’s make-shift pitch. It was sheer joy that followed as a 100 schoolchildren ran screaming after it. Absolutely brilliant!

The William Hill dream team comprising of Robbie, Me, Oren, James H, Bill South, Jamie, Cyril and a couple of the teachers then had our bottoms spanked 2-0 by the older boys. Being nutmegged by a 4’10 Kenyan lad was a touch embarrassing for our ex-Premiership playing ambassador!

The valiant William Hill Dream Football team

The valiant William Hill Dream Football team

It was not until later on that it emerged they are the inter-school champions!

It has been an incredibly colourful couple of days. Too many highlights to mention, but hearing 200 African children singing at assembly had to be up there, along with a remarkable bunch of colleagues all working towards a fantastic goal. Oh, and James Henderson making the tea.

Kwaaheri to you all.