Two days in the desert - a blog by Craig Connolly

Day 2

After a much needed rest and lunch under shelter the team set off to complete the remaining 8km across the arid salt flats of the Sahara desert. Today was the first real test of our walking skills and everyone was up for the challenge! Already the eager beavers at the front of the pack are being held back by our tour guide – Mohammed, who insists we must ‘take it easy’ and uses some mischievous antics to slow us down! We finally reach base camp for our daily peppermint tea and dinner. Early night tonight ahead of our uphill climb and trek across some very rocky terrain.

Day 3

Everyone up and early ready for our 28km trek which started relatively steady. The highlight of the morning was when our Australian contingent (Caroline) managed to snag her head scarf on the only tree in the middle of the desert! It provided some entertainment on what was to be the toughest part of the challenge so far. We finally reached our lunch base which was to be huddled under a collection of trees with some very rocky stones to sit on! Very comfortable indeed :/