Today is Visa Day!

Bridget Toomey and raffle ticket!

Well, today is Visa day!

Mandy and I traveled to the Kenyan High Commission. We were under time pressure as I’d banked on getting my passport size photo at Wood Green Tube Station- wrong!

After nearly being physically assaulted by a Tube Guard’s walkie talkie. I was informed NO Tube stations have passport picture booths anymore (when did that happen?)

So after a hasty dash to Snappy Snaps we were on our way…..

At 1 minute to 12 (the office closed at noon – phew!) We entered the building.

We had our visa applications ready and duly handed them over.

Now please don’t judge me on what I say next. We have 45 years service for William Hill between us, so you would think we would be a little wiser…

 We handed over our passports and £30.00 each!

Did we get a receipt and an official stamp to acknowledge they now had possession of our passports?

 Nooooooo – we were given a raffle ticket!
 And not even a raffle ticket each. One between us!

Worried? Moi?

I can collect my passport next Monday with my raffle ticket. It is going to be a long week.
Watch this space…..

Bridget Toomey