Things that snort in the night - Blog by Kristof Fahy

Conversation this morning quickly turned to noises in the night. The animal – what the hell was that making a snuffling noise outside my tent last night? Seem to cause most people to have a first night of slightly broken sleep. And, if it wasn’t the animals the snorers added to the night time chorus. We seem to have a good few in the camp. That added to the camels and there were a few tired faces this am.

But, those quickly disappeared when the brilliant African sky came into view as the sun came up. Simply amazing.

We walked into school this am and watched the kids running in to be on time for assembly. And, they welcomed us beautifully. The rest of the day was spent building. It was like lego really (though the bricks are much, much heavier). We are focussing on the next set of teachers’ houses and made good progress on our first day. Everyone worked together brilliantly and got stuck in. There was a real sense of achievement. Now the sun’s going down, the campfire is on and it’s time for a beer. Roll on tomorrow.

Kristof Fahy