They're back!

I’ve come back from Kenya pretty fired up. My last day there involved many things, one of which was to try and formalise everyone’s thoughts as to where we go next with Project Africa. We learnt so much during our time there and have so many ideas about how we can help. But we have a plan now and a list of priorities that will keep us busy with fundraising and project work for quite a few years yet.

Children of the Ol Maisor Primary School

I had mixed emotions on the last day – it was so sad to be leaving the school, the children and the great group of people I’d shared two weeks with. The head teacher William gave us a lovely speech, thanking us for what we’d done and the children sang and danced for us – I will treasure those memories for ever. So sad to leave but really proud of what we had achieved.

So we’re going back in early February next year, for the first of two projects during 2013 – with a new team and new challenges. I am so proud William Hill is doing this work. Look out for news on fundraising coming soon – everyone in William Hill can make a real difference to the community in Ol Maisor and I know they really, really appreciate and value our help.

Beverley Newman