There`s nothing like a day of hard graft with friends - a blog by Ollie Humphries

As I sit relaxing after a hard day`s graft with fast made friends, I can reflect on the last 48 hours. So much to say but let me try to give you a flavour.

We are over half way (in height) of building the medical centre – Clive (our Project Manager) seems pleased with progress after 1 days graft. Working in the heat takes its toll but day one adrenaline has kept us powering on.  There is nothing like 400 of the pupils descending on you with a 20 inch block on their head to keep you moving. Some of the children are no bigger than my own kids and they deliver the blocks with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

Spirits are high and I’ve managed to find a song for all situations – I’m certainly no voice of an angel but I’ve managed to get a few tunes stuck in others heads. Even the kids enjoyed some of my 80′s classics. They are incredibly polite.

Some fun things that have happened over the last couple of days (for those of you after some gossip on individuals);

Andy Lid, playing Austin Powers with a giraffe. Yeah baby, yeah baby as he took some photos on our way to the school.

Nicola & Linzi – saw ladies carry bales of hay on their heads on the way here yesterday. They impersonated them today with no hair straighteners.   On the other hand Cyril has looked like a model since arrival!

Meir (aka Team dad) has ‘looked after’ all of us since meeting in Nairobi. It’s like being in the SAS with military timing and precision.

Paul after some regional feedback has done the best/worst impression of a cockney I’ve ever witnessed ‘you naughty sort’

From the phone call inviting me, right until the moment I hit send on this email I can’t believe my luck. What an opportunity to make a small difference to the lives of others.  Already looking forward to another assembly tomorrow morning – what a greeting, amazing singing & dancing and the discipline (in a nice way) of the children is special.