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Two Pupils from the Island Primary School

Two pupils from the Island Primary School

The Island Primary School

The Island Primary School in Kenya (it’s not actually situated on an island now though it was originally) educates just over 300 children of primary school age plus a number of older children who are attending school for the education they missed out on earlier in life. There is no provision for secondary education in the area.

Located in a remote area called Laikipia, the school has a nursery class of around 70 children, who are educated in a small Catholic Church situated on the school grounds.  In October 2012, the William Hill Foundation confirmed it would sponsor the work at the Island Primary School, and William Hill will continue to provide the people who have been identified for development and fund their travel to Kenya to undertake work at the school.

The head teacher has a clear vision of how he would like to see the school develop with our support. The big project for our first team in October 2012 was to build a library and improve the standards of the eight classrooms. This was a great start and a solid platform for the achievements of the teams who followed – see the “Welcome” pages of this site.

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone at William Hill to be involved in Project Africa in some way - by helping with onsite projects or through innovative fundraising activities. Project Africa is supported by The William Hill Foundation and it’s Patron Robbie Savage. We are committed to Ol Maisor for the long term and we will ensure every penny raised goes directly to support the community of Ol Maisor.