The sand storm - a blog by Debbie Nash

Another day in front of us and we were warned that it was the longest and probably the most difficult.

We left camp at the usual time of 8am. Fantastic how every trekker is ready and eager for the off despite sore and blistered feet together with aching limbs.

We walked four hours across the salt flats where temperatures soared to mid thirties.

We arrived at our lunch tent at around midday. It was such a relief to be able to take shade and relax properly for a couple of hours. Lunch was amazing rice salads and sweet mint tea was plentiful.

After lunch it was sand dunes. The landscape was spectacular and exactly how you imagine the Sahara. The climbing of each dune was challenging and balancing as you walk across the tops not ideal for those of us with vertigo, but the running down was really fun and we escaped with minor injuries. We were then faced with a sand storm that came from nowhere. The sands whipped us and visibility became an issue.

We eventually got to camp. Thank goodness! We were all feeling weary after a long day trekking and battling against the storm.

That evening the winds died down to allow us to have dinner, but later that night returned battering our tents for several hours. The inside of the tents and personal items were covered with layer upon layer of sand. Lovely!

Day 5 here we come.