Sports day, more cement and Kenyan showers - a blog by Paul Iredale

A remarkable day of two halves that started with the team mixing what can only be described as enough cement to rebuild Nairobi. After four hours of hard graft I realised that it had become a competition of who could get their clothes the dirtiest. Stand out performances have to go to Lidbetter and Bekoe – you would have thought these Project Africa veterans would have known better.

During the mixing moral was maintained by the tunes banging out from Meir’s iPhone speaker that was dangling from his belt. It was a trend that appeared to catch on when the local fundi began to play music from their mobile phones. At times it was like a Friday night ‘in the toon.’

The afternoon was extraordinary, it was not only our opportunity to bring smiles to the children’s faces but it was also our chance to have fun – we were definitely up for that. Its safe to say not all the activities where Olympic sports but who cared. Kite flying, tennis, football, netball and not to forget the sack race which appeared not to have a start or finishing point. A stand out memory of this visit has to be watching the children actually sitting in the sack during the race and their friends rolling them across the field.

I am sitting here writing this blog as the team gather for dinner. This is our time to reflect on what we have achieved and to nurse our aching muscles. The rain has arrived again and we are sheltering in the main camp tent. The unusual thing tonight is that the gas light has just tried to set the tent on fire, quick work from Andy Lee and Clive saved the day, however some people would say that it was a waste of good Kenyan beer.