Plans for the Project Africa 2012 team

September 17th 2012

We’ll be departing our respective countries to be in Nairobi on the first Monday of October, where we’ll meet the Kenyan team that will be supporting us for the duration of this project. All of us in the group will have utilised our full international flight allowance to transport gifts and essentials for the children and a truck will leave Nairobi late on Monday night to take our donations to the Island School site. We’ll be taking many arts and craft treats for the children and look forward to spending time sharing skills with them.

Early on the Tuesday morning, we’ll take a short flight north to Nanyuki Airstrip. Then we will have a three-hour drive to Ol Maisor, a small and remote area at the foot of Mount Kenya. The area is rich in wildlife and we hope to see many herds on the way, particularly impala, zebra, elephant and camel.

Our group will be based a short distance from the Island Primary School on a local farmer’s land high above the school with some amazing views of the northern Kenya plains. We’ll be staying in shared tents and, thankfully, will have a night watchman to keep us safe. We’ll also have a local crew staying with us to help with cooking, laundry and the extremely rudimentary toilet and shower conditions, as well as a UK doctor for the duration.

This project will challenge us all in many ways, devoid of our usual creature comforts, but we expect the experience will more than make up for it. After a first afternoon of meeting the children and teachers and settling into the camp, we will be working at the school for the next eight days.