Phenomenal progress at the school - Blog by Ian Smith

We’ve been out in Kenya now for a week and the progress we have made is phenomenal.

Most of our energy has gone into the school’s infrastructure and by this I mean building. We have mixed and moved over 30 tons of cement, all of which has been used to house the water tanks and create teachers accommodation.

The individuals in the WH team are great and we have had a lot of fun working together. I have made new friends for life and will miss everyone of them once our time together is over.

The highlights so far has been the interaction with the kids, in particular, the balloon session and dancing/singing session in the church. It is amazing how something so small and so insignificant can make these kids so happy. David and I had a Rugby session with them the other day and they love learning new things.

We are ahead of schedule with only a few more tasks to be completed. This means more time with the kids.

In my previous blog I mentioned sustainability and my intention to coach for improvements. Although I feel I have had an impact in many conversations, the reality is the teachers and students are not yet ready for it. The biggest challenge is not building but changing the locals way of thinking. Helping them to change their ways for the better is the biggest challenge as they have lived this way for 100′s of years.

I believe it is possible because every child in the school, every parent and every fundi, shares a desire for change and for a healthier way of life.
We are coming to an end at the school and we are in the process of preparing a leaving show. The objective is having fun whilst re enforcing some of the learning’s around cleanliness, followed of course with a game of Rugby.

I wish our stay was for 3 months but as you know, all good things comes to an end.

Ian Smith