Our October 2014 team - a blog by Beverley Newman

A couple of months ago our Project Africa initiative won a prestigious business award – the Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Community Initiative.

Everyone closely involved with Project Africa felt very proud. Some organisation are in awe of what are doing and many other major organisations have similar initiatives in place, and so it’s great to see our work receive this kind of recognition. That pride is surpassed though when we see first-hand the difference William Hill is making in Ol Maisor.

I know our visits are eagerly awaited and the welcome reception we receive is always incredible.  I am sure the October 2014 team will do a great job and will put their heart and soul into improving the lives of the people in Ol Maisor.

I headed out a few days in advance of the others to buy essentials for the school and I am pleased to say that we will be providing mosquito nets and lunch bowls to all children.

Above that Meir is going to help get the computer facility in good shape, ensuring there’s a plan for all children to be learning IT skills.

Nicola will be helping set up the water kiosk and I think she’s using her business skills to set up a ‘cut price water opening offer’!

Olly and Ollie are going to look after the crop farm and will be teaching the children crop growing skills.

Andy Lidbetter and Linzi will be taking a look at library operations and will make sure that our investment is being wisely used.

Andy Lee and Matt will be spending time with any locals who would like to learn more about running a business and will offer advice on how to maximise potential.

Cyril is going to organise a school Olympics one day after school – where parents, children and our team will compete against each other ‘egg and spoon race style’. (Oh dear). Potentially rather embarrassing but a great way to bring us all together.

Paul Iredale will be taking care of the personal development side of the trip – ensuring the whole team take this opportunity to develop and grow as individuals and he’ll also make sure everyone who wants to, takes a lesson in class.

We’ll keep in touch and let you know how we are getting on.