Our fundraising efforts

September 26th 2012

We’re now into the last few days before the Project Africa 2012 team jets off to Kenya on Sunday and Monday. We’ve all been bowled over by how excited people across William Hill (and outside the company as well) are by the project and by everyone’s incredible generosity towards our fundraising efforts. We thought you’d like to know how we’ve been getting on.

From Oren in Tel Aviv:
“We’ve raised around £1100, in the “guess how many pebbles in the jar” game  (the game is still on till Thursday 27th ).”

From Kristina in Sofia:
“The bake sale on Friday was quite a hit! We had around 17 employees bringing in food and we raised about 238 pounds! People enjoyed it greatly, too. I think we might do this again in the future. We raised £880  from raffle tickets alone from the team building day on 12 September and an additional £265 came from donations from management.”

From Jamie in Gibraltar:
“We had the marathon pool tournament over the weekend of 1 and 2 September and if I can manage to get the money out of those who pledged, we’ll have made £2,805.”

From Cyril in UK Retail:
“Region 2 have managed to raise £500 for our 10k run. I spoke to Danielle Johnson-Howe and they put together a mini collection over their Regional Meeting day. £400 raised for the Retail Raffle so far. Hoping to raise another £600 by the 27th.”

From Phil in Leeds:
“We managed to raise £625.  The Africa briefing went down really well – loads of really excited people – who were genuinely impressed at the way in which WH is going about it.  Great to see – and be part of :-) . Still have an even bigger raffle to do for Leeds next week, so fingers crossed for that.”

From Thomas in Greenside:
“Our cake sale in Greenside on 3 September went down a storm. We raised just over £320.”

From Beverley:
“HR raised £200.00 for Project Africa yesterday – we collected donations at our team meeting.  I also raised £130.00 for my car cleaning efforts on 3 September in Greenside.”

From Cyril, Bill and Lyndsay in London:
“We managed to stagger from the Finsbury Park 10k on Sunday, in the pouring rain! Money is still coming in as we’re still trying to get the bank/HMRC approvals for our charity so we can have a fundraising website so we’ll find out when we get back how we’ve done there. However, Bill’s tin-shaking efforts in Greenside have already collected about £600.”

Several members of the team have also sacrificed a day’s pay to contribute to the fundraising.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far.
We’ll be trying (internet connections permitting) to send back updates from Kenya so sign up to our email alerts or Twitter feed to follow us.