One year later - a blog by Andy Lidbetter

We flew out to Nairobi on Saturday and, having been part of the October 2013 Project Africa team, I am eager to see the progress that has been made over the past year for myself.  Twelve months ago the children of the Island School had to make their way down to the river to get water to drink.  I witnessed them crouch down amongst the animal hoof prints on the riverbank, scoop up the murky brown water into an old container and drink it.  It was one of the most distressing things that I have ever seen.


A year on and things are very different.  We installed a water supply into the school earlier this year, meaning that every child has access to clean drinking water.  On this visit we will be extending this into the local community, which is going to have a really positive impact upon peoples’ health.


One of the other key objectives of this visit is to build a medical facility. Ol Maisor is very remote, which means that people have to travel many miles to get medical help when they are ill.  In this community not everyone has the money to get a bus so they are often faced with making the journey on foot.  The medical facility will be a direct output from the funds raised through the recent worldwide Hike for Health and our collective support is going make a big difference.


There are many other things that we will be achieving whilst we are here. It will be fantastic if all colleagues keep up-to-date on our progress by following our regular tweets @WHprojectafrica and subscribing to our regular blogs by visiting