One week to go - Blog by David Greyling

Initiation day check, vaccination juices running wild, some stuff bought and very little packed, I can safely say it’s been a busy and exciting September. I even have the t-shirt, now to do the trip.

But how much planning and prep do you really need? I’m a big believer in the 7 P’s, but with Africa – and I’m from the southern tip of that continent – it’s less about what you bring or expect when you get there and more about an open mind and willingness to leave a small part of yourself behind.

How often, if ever, do we get an opportunity to take two weeks out and purely focus on contributing, unconditionally, to another person’s life?

Since the first group went out last year I’ve asked myself what’s the long term plan, and how do we provide sustainable support that has relative importance to the community of Ol Maisor?

I’m sure the same gets asked by NGO’s from Geneva to South America and every country in between, our hearts might be in the right place, but it’s our efforts that stay behind.

And so I’m pleased to report that this trip and the ones that will follow have taken this as the agenda – sustainable support that improves quality of life without changing the values that make them a community.

I can’t wait to get started.

David Greyling