Let`s pull together - blog by Angela McShannon

When I first got the call to invite me to Kenya I was as high as a kite, how could I be so lucky to get this amazing experience. That night I was home quicker than Usain Bolt to start laying out my kit in my spare bedroom. After almost covering the bed with various items of clothing I quickly started to strip back the non essential items. Hair straighteners and 4 inch heels were not on the cards but instead sensible practical clothes were the things I needed. I was then left with a small bundle that fitted the bill. Thankfully I have now added to the kit but still have a few things to get. It made me think about all of the things that are just part of our normal life in the UK and how we can get by with very little.

When I seen the final list of people going on this trip I could not have been more happy, there were some people I knew and that helped me to feel at ease especially as some of the group had been out to Kenya before. I felt I was in safe hands. After meeting the rest of the group on Tuesday I already feel we have connected and I can’t wait to get to know all of the team better during the trip.

The orientation day really gave me an insight into what has to be done, I am under no illusion this will be hard physical work and will be mentally challenging but I can’t wait.

The interaction with the children will be such a thrill for me I was a member of the Scottish Childrens panel for 3 years and have been exposed to some very sad stories but the difference in Kenya is that the children have very little but are very happy, you just need to look at the photos on the website they are rarely without a smile.

I have had a few moments where I have worried about being able to keep up with the others in group where most are a bit younger (and fitter) than me but I push that thought to the back of my mind as I think of the Kenyan motto Harambee a Swahili word meaning (let’s pull together). What more can I say.

Angela McShannon