Lea Valley Canal walk - a blog by Cathy Haynes

Twenty eight humans and five dogs walked 11.2 miles each on Saturday along the Lea Valley Canal – including dogs a total of 369.6 miles!

We set off from Waltham Abbey at about 10:45, as soon as we got on the canal path & Mandy let her lab Freddie off the lead he dived straight in the water! He had to be rescued by Mandy’s husband Tony.

Ian Smith had a puncture on his daughter’s buggy & was helped by a cyclist to fix the puncture. Jason Sharp had to carry his 5 year old daughter half the journey!

Karen Day & Sarah Steels both wore flip flops, Karen’s diamante ones lasted 9.5 miles, think she limped the rest!

We walked 5.6 miles to our destination which was The Crowne Pub, followed by a well earned shandy & a leisurely lunch alongside the river. We then left the pub in stages, the last party arriving back at the Abbey at around 5pm.

Ian Smith's family

Ian Smith’s three daughters were completely exhausted after their walk

Jake the dog

Bridget Toomey’s dog Jake snoring in the back of her car