I Think It's Time to Get Organised...

Take the number 29 bus to Kenya!

I will set the scene -

Since working in the Regional Office for Mandy, my organised OC arrives each day with ever more gifts and books etc for our trip to Kenya.

Mandy has bought her sleeping bag, her mosquito net and has now started to pack.

I only have a water bottle and that was a Christmas present!

My lack of organisation must be playing on my mind….

Friday night was restless.

I was standing outside my house chatting to Mandy, Barbara Berki and Karen Denholm.

Chatter, chatter as us ladies do and around the corner came a bus to take us to Kenya.

As everyone knows, dreams bear no resemblance to reality and in my dream the Number 29 bus collects you at your front door and brings you to Kenya.

It was then I realised the ladies in my group had their suitcases and were all ready to go.

I was dressed for work!

I rushed in to my house and up the stairs – complete panic! I haven’t packed yet.

I think it is time to get organised!

Mandy's goodies for Kenya

Mandy’s goodies for Kenya

Mandy Kerr