Hive of activity – Blog by Beverley Newman

It’s a hive of activity in Ol Maisor this week. It resembles a UK building site with many different people concentrating on their specialist skills in order to improve the school.

We have Stellite Engineering fixing over 350meters of guttering around the school buildings.

We have G. North, our water contractor erecting the water tower that will provide the gravity needed to purify the water. Later this week the dam liners should start to be fitted.

We have Gideon and his team of workers finishing digging the dams.

We have a digger, borrowed from a local ranch, to remove the excess soil from the dam.

We have Joshua and his team working with us to build the teachers accommodation.

We have a tractor completing the all-important first tillage for the crop farm, or veg patch as Lyndsay calls it!

We have John Perrett guiding us through the bio gas set up.

AND we have a huge team of willing children helping us out.

Lyndsay has been working with the teachers to invigilate the exams to determine which children we will sponsor through their secondary education.

Cyril has been setting up basic hand washing facilities around the school and by the latrines.

We have also had a number of conversations with the teachers – we need them to really step up now and use the facilities we have provided. We want to see more children performing well in their exams. In fact there is a local school called Mugie that we took some of the teachers and the school chairman to last week – to show them what can be achieved.

As a veteran of 4 trips out here I have to take my hat off to this team. Everyone is working insanely hard, pulling together as a team and bonding with the locals – all in all, really doing William Hill proud. It has been a pleasure to be out here with every single one of them.

We just have 2 days left now to finish everything we have started. I doubt there will be many dry eyes when we leave.

Beverley Newman