Hiking for Health in Tel Aviv

A small but committed group felt inspired by Hike for Health and decided to join the event. Some jumped at the opportunity to be part of a William Hill initiative to benefit Project Africa, some felt spurred on by old-fashioned competition, and some felt the draw to boost their fitness level. Here is how three participants described their involvement. “After seeing the proud postings of my Gibraltar colleagues, I instantly felt inspired to do the extra mile for that and went out to run, ” said Meir Deutsch, Head of Marketing Planning, Operations & Mobile.

Gadi Shoshani, SEO Sports and Project Lead: “I was thinking about Project Africa every step of the way. I think it is a great cause and I’m glad to be part of a company that offers opportunities such as Hike for Health.”

“I needed a push to start exercising, and the Hike for Health was the perfect trigger. My next walk will be in honour of a little boy I sponsor who lives in El Salvador. I haven’t calculated how many miles it is from Tel Aviv to El Salvador, but I am sure it will be longer than the 10 I did to Nigeria,” said Sara Claro, Content Manager.