Helping To Make Changes For the Better

I first became aware of Project Africa when the first group visited the Island School in Kenya last October and I followed their progress on the website through the entertaining daily blogs, which I always looked forward to reading.

I enjoyed it even more on the occasions when I read it aloud to my wife.

It was undoubtedly a very humbling experience for the whole team.

When it was announced that a new team would be returning I wanted to be involved somehow in the fundraising and perhaps one day have the opportunity to visit the children in person.

Yes, I would like to help make changes for the better in many ways and with many causes. However, with Project Africa it feels different.

To me it feels personal.

Seeing the pictures of the smiling faces of the children, despite having nothing compared to our children, tells me we have as much to learn from them as they from us.

Alan McEwen
LBO Manager
District 184