From Australia to Africa - a poem by Olly Scott

I left Australia ready to embark

On a challenge of epic scale

To build a medical centre our aim

And continue Hill’s legacy trail


First came Nairobi with traffic aplenty

And a quirky market to explore

Nicknacks, objedar and trinkets

Which Linzi negotiated for


The next day we made our way North

And saw many amazing scenes

Not least, Meir’s punctured wheel change

Which was quicker than a Formula One team


Our work started early on Tuesday

And massive graft the team gave

Layers of bricks were built at speed

Helped hugely by Ambrose and Dave


We’ve been here for four days now

And I’ve seen some niche soccer kits

It seems Grant Holt is an icon

And Rotherham are also a hit


Work’s continued throughout the rest of the week

But on Friday afternoon we relaxed

We hammered the students at football

And Matt saw their striker pole-axed


The centre is nearly complete

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Gaudi

But quite an achievement I think

Given weather hotter than Saudi


The time will soon come for us to depart

And my body is in tatters

I think we can all agree we’ve helped the community

And ultimately that’s what matters


So back to our day jobs we will go

But a place in my heart will stay

For the children of Ol Maisor

Who have completely blown me away.