Football, snoring and maths - what a combination! - Blog by Steven White

What a week and what a team we have here in Kenya.

We arrived in Ol Maisor on Sunday afternoon and the William Hill team of ten enthusiasts visited the Island School for the first time.

It was pretty clear from the first day that the team were going to work well together and there was a real camaraderie building.

I am sharing a two man tent with Joe McCallum, he seems to have brought two of everything, which is really helpful. There is a snore-off each night between me and Joe, on a positive note it seems to be keeping the lions, hyenas and cheetah away from camp.

Each day we are awakened at 6am for early breakfast and we are at the school for 7.45am.

Assembly starts at 8am which really is a sight to behold, with over three hundred Kenyan children singing to their hearts content.

It looked like there wasn’t going to be any food for the pupils on Monday, however after a few phone calls and some pressure from Beverley food arrived at 4pm.

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to help serve the food to the children, their daily diet is generally beans and maize cooked in oil and water. I was politely told that I was giving them too much – lesson learnt.

The next few days has been pretty much split between manual work, which has involved brick laying, fencing and painting and working with the children in the school.

The real highlight so far (and there have been so many) was taking a two and a half hour maths lesson with Schraga Mor from Tel-Aviv.

We went away from the normal curriculum and added some humour to the lesson – we ran an hour over but class 7 seemed to really enjoy it.

A sight for sore eyes yesterday was the boys playing football in SPL shirts kindly donated by the guys in Brian’s Region. Celtic, Rangers, Hibs and Hearts in Kenya!

We had a few hours with the children this afternoon and ended up playing football. I would estimate that it was 30 a side all in yellow school shirts.

Final score was 3-1 however a last minute penalty save saw me ending up in first aid much to the amusement of the children.

Steven White