Fond Memories from Project Africa

The children of the Ol Maisor Primary SchoolWhen we arrived at the Island School, I was deeply moved by the welcome we received. The children made gestures with their hands, which symbolized them uplifting us, embracing us, opening their hearts to us and thanking us for coming. Overwhelming as that welcome was, I was equally astounded by my fellow project members, who each day gave not only their hard work, but a bit of themselves.

We were there to build a library, mount a school bell and to help complete works on class room, what I saw was a building of relationships, an attempt by all to learn the ways and customs of our hosts, a keen sense of pride in working alongside our hosts, a great display of support and a true sense of a commitment to a shared future made up of both the vision of the Island School and ours.

Match all of the above with the numerous donations we received from generous William Hill staff, who wanted to support the project in everyway and you have something quite special, which should be nurtured and cherished.

As HOME Hero, I am extremely proud of Project Africa and of my fellow project colleagues, I am equally proud to work for a company that looks beyond its’ natural boundaries and lends a hand wherever it’s needed. I can assure everyone that HOME is very much alive and Project Africa is a great testament of what HOME is all about.

Quite simply, I wish to say Asanti Sana (Thank you in Swahili) to everyone who has supported Project Africa to date and who will in future.

Cyril Bekoe