First Day in Ol Maisor

October 3rd 2012

The team is in good form this morning, woken by the dawn chorus at 6.00 am and fuelled with a cooked breakfast – unbelievable luxury!

We had our first trip to the school last night. The kids blew us away. They were just heading home and we were clearly a big curiosity factor! But once they got over their shyness, they all wanted to say hello and followed us everywhere, holding our hands or running alongside us. They were fascinated by seeing photos and videos of themselves – Oren was practically mobbed at one point.

Their lack of shoes is a wake-up call. The roads this far out are just rough tracks, dirt and stones. It’s hard enough walking in work boots so it’s awful to imagine them doing six miles to and from school each day in bare feet.

The preparation work has gone well and we were able to stand in the outline of the library yesterday. Our first task this morning is to move all the bricks that were made a month ago into the library so we can start building the walls.

At the time of writing, it’s 7.15 am and the sun has already got real heat in it. But waking to an African sunrise was worth the early start.