Final day at Island School - Blog by David Greyling

The past week in Ol Maisor has flown by and with the perception of time increasingly fading away we woke this morning with the realisation that it’s our last day at the Island School.

It’s been a quilt work of sensations, from tears to laughter, euphoria to frustration all the way through to sheer exhaustion – it has truly been an incredible experience.

Our engagement with the community and the reciprocal smiles and appreciation from the kids and the Fundi have been incredible. Whatever doubt there might have been about our presence is ill found, it is clear they are as committed to us as we are to them.

We’ve spent a substantial part of our time building on the infrastructure, but good progress have been made in exploring what the next phase of the project would look like.

Getting to grips with the local school system, working with the teachers whilst identifying where to invest for the future will be the next leg of our journey.

And what a journey it has been, unfortunately ours have reached an end, yet good friendships have been formed and memories will be carried forward.

It’s been fantastic!