Day three in Africa - a blog by Meir Deutsch


This is my third day as part of the Project Africa team.  For me being at the Island school is all about giving in terms of the physical work on the project, teaching classes and indeed anything else we can do while we are here.

The best part for all of us is sharing experiences with the kids, especially when we have the privilege of learning more about their lives.   In the morning assembly I was dragged into a local dance with some of the pupils, so now as well as it being common knowledge in Israel, those in Africa and I`m sure around the William Hill world now know that I can’t dance…”

At the camp the terms “long drop” (our outdoor toilet facilities) and “two minute shower” (again outdoors with one bucket of water) have quickly become part of everyday life for us.  Most of our time is spent figuring out together what other positive changes we can bring over the next few days and we will keep you informed as time goes on.