Day five was the hardest day yet - Blog by Andy Lidbetter

Day five was the hardest day yet. We have built three teachers houses which gave everyone a feeling of immense satisfaction. The feedback from the teachers that are already living in the houses built in July has been that it has made a really positive difference to their lives. They were previously living in mud huts, which in my view were uninhabitable. They now feel secure and they are able to pre plan their lessons in their living room space.

We have been working over the weekend whilst the kids have not been at school. The whole team feels like there is something missing when they are not around. This also means that there hasn’t been an assembly, which for me has been the highlight of our time here so far. Listening to them sing so beautifully is something that will remain with me forever. The kids here are so happy. They may have very little in material terms, however they are really polite and well behaved. I watched a three girls, who were all about my daughter’s age, playing together and the way they interacted together was exactly the same as six year-old girls would in any of our homes. These kids are crucial to the success of Project Africa. Engaging them in our legacy will ensure the success of the community in the future…

Andy Lidbetter