Day 8

October 12th 2012

What a day. We’ve worked our socks off for the past eight days and we’ve made great progress but  today was our final day at the school. That didn’t mean we could take things easy though – up at dawn and plenty of cement mixing then painting to follow.

But today was a special day too, a day where we thanked the school for giving us this amazing experience and a day where they thanked us for our support.

So after a morning of finishing off some outstanding jobs and making sure the bell we had donated was firmly in place we had a great afternoon of celebration.

A couple of us made a make shift Punch and Judy stage out of the wood that will ultimately become the library table. Each of us had a animal puppet that we used to put on a rather amateurish puppet show for the children, who  loved it – particularly when we made the animals fight each other ! Once that was over it was our turn to be entertained – there was hardly a dry eye as the children sang and danced for us. William, the head teacher gave a heartfelt speech that touched us all and then time for the unveiling of bell. Many local parents had turned up for the celebrations and they cheered and clapped as Ralph unveiled the school bell.

Then football, our team joined the workmen and played the local camel herders team and after a rather long set of penalties and of course with Robbie on our team – we lost !

During the time here we have thought long and hard about how we will support the school next year and beyond and as we left we committed to returning in the new year, with a new team of William Hill people who will undoubtedly be in for the experience of their life…

Beverley Newman