Day 6

October 9th 2012

As usual we started the day by attending assembly at 8:00am. After assembly William (Headmaster) informed us that two teachers had failed to show and asked us if we would like to help out.

A number of us jumped at the opportunity to fill in and take the lessons planned for that morning. As we had no idea of where each class was with their syllabus – each ‘Teacher’ had to improvise. Topics covered were; fractions, spelling, parts/functions of the human body and a guide of the UK using a map that we brought with us. It was apparent that both ‘Teachers’ and Children had a morning of lessons they will not easily forget!

A couple of us then had an invaluable half hour with the Headmaster, listening to his plans and hopes for the School over the next few years. It’s clearly apparent that he is extremely ambitious and believes that, with the help of WH, Island School can not only be a top public school but also compete with some of the best private schools around.

In the afternoon, after our building work was complete – we challenged both the boys who care for the Camels, and the School team, to a game of football. Even though we had been hard at work all day – we managed to win the final after a penalty shoot out. Many penalties were missed (including a truly pathetic attempt by Jamie); however, Kate managed to hit a screamer into the top corner much to the delight of everybody except a depressed Jamie..

Over dinner – Robbie adopted the role of development supremo and gave us his own view of all our strengths and weaknesses. A really interesting couple of hours that has many of us now thinking about how we can improve both as an individual and a club. Unfortunately, some believed that Robbie wasn’t really in the best position to give such frank feedback to us as he never played for a big team!!