Day 5

October 8th 2012

Sunday, our day of rest. The project is running a bit behind, so instead of chilling out for a few hours everyone went to the school and got us back on track.  Not a surprise of course given the amazing bunch of people that are here.  To be clear this involves both Hills staff and our supporting teams.  For me, seeing a lot of people I know in such a different context has been fantastic.  I am already jealous of those who will be selected for the next trip.

So work done late morning, quick shower and out on our camels.  Hmm, interesting to do – once!   Only casualty was Robbie who took a tumble, though fortunately not getting hurt.

Real sense of team, personal relationship building and realisation of what our trip is really about.  We are here not just to build the library and paint the school, but to spend a lot of time with the kids.

Time is fleeting, it’s Sunday evening now, and we will be done at the school by Wednesday evening.  Got to make the most of the rest of our time here,   especially with the kids.  So great to interact with.

Phil Moyes