Day 5 extra

October 8th 2012

Sunday. We were preparing for a day off and a well needed lie in, but no, we were up at sunrise because all the others were behind in their workload except me. I thought I’d help them so off we went to the school. Mixing cement, carrying bricks and filling the lintels, followed by church where the locals sang and danced beautifully. I didn’t join in as I would have embarrassed them with my American smooth.

Next a camel trek as we caravaned to the next village which was two hours away. I had Charlie the camel who looked like a fine character, how wrong was I.

We arrived in the village to smiling faces and more dancing where everyone joined in. A bit of advice to the management of William Hill: do not enter Strictly as there would be several two’s from Craig Revel-Horewood. Bill was especially bad, as was James.

Then we were invited into one of their houses. All I can say is wow: no windows, dark, dingy, fly ridden and made of cow muck; a family of six in an area of eighty square foot where the children sleep on the floor. There were a few tears.  Then we bought trinkets off the locals. I bought a spear, not sure BA will welcome that on the return flight.

Then back onto Charlie the camel as we trekked to the river for dinner. Five minutes later there was an incident with possible consequences for myself. Charlie became panicked by the camel behind and he bucked. As I tried to stay on my handle snapped, throwing me over the top of him onto the dirt track. I blame my tent mate, Head of Security Bill South for not doing a recce on the camels, so I asked Thomas was there any chance of suing him – watch this space.

The result is a possible broken scaphoid bone which has resulted in the wonderful Mala the doctor putting a cast on my arm. We arrived back at our camp at five, I had decided to get back on a different camel for the trek back If you fall off a camel, you have to get straight back on. It’s like riding a bike really.

Dinner was stew and wonderful it was too it was accompanied by whisky and a bottle of red, which Cyril produced. I can’t believe he hid it for so long. Everyone was getting a bit tired, sore groins and glutes from the camel ride, sunburn and lack of sleep. So at nine o’ clock I retired to my tent with a possible broken scaphoid bone – which didn’t help when my image of the day – which was Lyndsay, bumping up and down on a camel as I watched from behind. If she reads this, I’ll be getting the death stare.

Bill then followed on to bed an hour later and to my horror, he went for the world record loudest zip opening. This then woke me. There was not even a sorry!

It was a truly humbling day, with mixed emotions. If I’m being honest, I’m looking forward to going home and seeing my kids. It has been a life changing experience for me already.

Robbie Savage