Day 3

The children in their balloon hats!

The children in their balloon hats!

October 8th 2012

Ever wondered how to make puppets with balloons?

Well I have, but I never thought my first lesson would be received in a very remote part of Kenya.

Today Oren Cohen-Schwartz brought joy to the nursery school kids of the Island School, by making balloon hats for the entire class of 48 students.

With 48 children aged between 2 and 6 as your audience, you hold nothing back.

They were so animated as they watched red, yellow, blue and pink balloons being used to make dog, flower and hat puppets.

The children were entirely captivated by the moment.

It was amazing to watch the kids, who are often quite shy, laugh and play during the presentation.

The effect of today was not felt by the children alone, it also touched William, the headmaster.

A friendly but reserved man, he was like a kid again as he helped us make balloons and even teach a few of his older students, how to make some puppets.

The best part for me, was seeing the delighted kids running out in the school yard wearing their new hats.

We were all so overwhelmed to see this as a group and there was a strong sense of that we were seeing something we would never see again and that we were truly privileged to be able to be part of creating this much joy.

Cyril Bekoe