Dancing and cement mixing - a blog by Cyril Bekoe

It`s day four  in Ol Maisor and the team’s high spirits were taken to a different level when we were all invited to dance at assembly…our hosts have since realised this was a bad idea! After we displayed our killer moves, it was off to a wonderfully refreshing round of cement mixing…you do not know what you are missing in life until you try it.

Through sheer team work, crying at each new mix I am pleased to say we survived. Our amazing experiences did not stop there…why stop when you are on a roll?  We all gave out new aluminium bowls to each child and took turns serving lunch.  It was a wonderful feeling to see the children use these bowls.

Linzi, Ollie, Olly, Andy Lee and Meir took turns teaching class. The children now know how to complete a sentence using positive adjectives!  Round three was quite special as we took some time to deliver the pen pal letters to classes 5, 6 and 7, who were over the moon to receive them.  What’s more Nicola, Meir and Andy Lee were able to put faces to the names of their children’s pen pals…very cool.

Finally, our star ladies Nicola and Linzi spent some quality time with the older ladies of the school.  Very important messages were shared and discussed, followed by a lighthearted session on how to make bracelets out of loom bands.

What can I say, brilliant day, brilliant people.