Bricks, bricks and more bricks! - Blog by Schraga Mor

We have had two more days with lots of different experiences and excitement in the camp and at school.

On Saturday some of us continued building the new teachers houses while others started to make new bricks. The bricks (made of soil, sand and cement) will be ready for the next William Hill delegation expected in October reminding us of the company long term commitment to the Island School.

Again, the most exciting part of the day was with the kids – a good combination of fun and giving.

It started with Kristof, Heather, Juergen and others who surprised the 70 nursery kids with a huge parachute we brought with us (kindly donated by Mandy Kerr), ball games, singing and dancing.

All of us continued passing from class to class, giving each kid a present and having some fun together – the deal was that the children sang and then the William Hill team sang for them.

A small gift is a big thing here in Africa. On our next break it was brilliant to see hundreds of kids playing with frisbees, skipping ropes, paper airplanes and balls.

Definitely the peak event of Saturday was the completion of the shoe project. We were running against time to succeed and get new shoes for all kids in time and Beverley had to go as far as Nayahururu to make it happen.

Joe McCallum and Juergen spend half a day on Wednesday measuring all the kids’ feet sizes.

Very few kids have shoes in good condition, others are wearing broken shoes and many come to school in bare feet.

In the afternoon we all gathered in the school yard to complete the shoe distribution.

Three hours later and having measured hundreds of kids, they all got new shoes.

Just before the kids went home we had a “Goodbye” assembly and then 400 kids walked home with a new hat, shoes, new jumpers, a toy to play with and a big smile on their faces.

Sunday, our last day in school. No kids in school today so we spent the whole day preparing bricks for the next group. Hard work by all in mixing soil, sand and cement and now 1000 bricks are ready for the next William Hill project.

We left school exhausted and back to the camp for our last night before we head back to Nairobi.

Schraga Mor