Another awesome day… Blog by Jamie Peters

Day two was always going to be a hard act to follow as we achieved so much on day one. Some of us were also a little rusty after yesterday’s hard work. The morning started with assembly and Juergen gave the children a coach’s address that was so inspiring it may have got the English cricket team a win over the Aussies this summer!

This was closely followed by some words from Steven who explained to the kids how well they were doing this term and to keep at it. More bricklaying followed. Then, with everything completed before lunch, we took a break to view the gifts that we’d brought, which were on display in the library.

Meanwhile, Joe Mac and Steven were administering Maths and English tests with the kids while the rest of us finished the day with some painting. Claudio was busy filming the school football team training against some older guys from the local village. The school team face a rival school this Friday and are under pressure from their teachers to win at all costs.

All in all, it was another awesome day with everyone putting in a massive effort on all fronts.

Jamie Peters