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What we’ve done for Island School

Already we have made significant progress: a library has been built and stocked with £10,000-worth of books; every teacher has an onsite brick built house to replace their crumbling and infested mud hut, a £40,000 clean water solution has been installed, we’ve provided school shoes, uniforms, sports equipment, text books and stationery and have set up a crop farm to supplement and enrich school lunches and set up a bio gas facility for cooking to save precious firewood. The children were particularly pleased with the shoes as many walk miles to school and in some cases the shoes were the first pair they had owned.

Classroom transformation


This year we will be installing a computer room at the school, to ensure children are able to develop skills, so critical for modern day life. We will also begin work on building a medical centre and employing a doctor to run it.

We’ve just launched a sponsorship scheme which saw 6 children, who wouldn’t have been able to continue their education, set off for secondary school. We are about to launch a small incentive scheme for the teachers to incentivize better teaching standards. We are focused on making our work sustainable, so the crop farm will generate funds, as will the clean water supply. We will also develop a tertiary skills facility in the school grounds, which will provide practical training in woodworking, metal working, sewing and mechanics.

Classroom transformation