A tiny piece of Africa - Blog by Beverley Newman

I spoke to John Perrett last night – most people will know he’s the Kenyan landowner whose camp we stay at whilst we have a group at the Island School.

He has everything ready for the next visit. He and I work together in the months coming up to a visit to make sure all the logistics, people and arrangements are in place. It takes a lot of planning and I am endlessly grateful to John and his wife Amanda who work so hard on our account to make our time out there so productive.

I am heading out to Ol Maisor slightly ahead of the next group who will get to Nairobi on Monday. I have a shopping list of things to buy – from buckets, spades, hoes, string and more besides. Essentially the kit needed for the children to maintain the bio gas set up and crop farm.

I am pleased to say we have learned so much about how best to support the community of Ol Maisor over the past 12 months. Every time we make a visit – we learn something new. The right and wrong things to do to help countries less developed than our own is a constant debate and probably there is no completely right or wrong answer. However I think we are approaching Project Africa with great intentions, a real desire to listen to the community, with a generosity of spirit, and with focus. We’re not trying to change the whole of rural Kenya – we working together with a single community where the benefits are equal between us and them. We’re in this together and for years to come there will be a tiny piece of Africa that really benefited from a company called William Hill’s support.

Beverley Newman