A productive day in Nairobi - Blog by Beverley Newman

On Friday I spent some time shopping in Nairobi. Class text books for the children, writing paper, envelopes and stamps to start a pen pal scheme going – which was Kristina Nikolova’s great idea, soap to continue the clean water and hygiene theme and more shoe polish than I ever dreamed I would buy.
I have also spent time with Claudio von Planta, the film maker who is continuing to document what William Hill is achieving here and we have a plan for his focus areas during this project.

So it felt a productive day and far removed from how I would normally spend my Friday.

A couple of things are happening next week at Ol Maisor due to the efforts of William Hill people and I’d like to use this opportunity to thank them – firstly Mandy Kerr. Mandy was part of the team who was out here a year ago and since being home she has continued to help in anyway she can. She and Andy Potter have secured a pallet of jumpers, cardigans and t-shirts for the children and Gerry Connor has achieved the herculean feat of getting that pallet to the school. Thank you all very much – your efforts will truly make a big difference.

Also Mandy has arranged for a Poultry Consultancy (yes they do exist) to visit us next week, with a view to setting a sustainable poultry project in the area. They are a great idea, and whilst we need to manage the pace of change in this rural community it should be an easy and cost effective way of helping the people of Ol Maisor help themselves.

The rest of the team will arrive tomorrow evening and I have no doubt that by the time they leave they will also be profoundly moved by their experience. Africa gets under your skin and it changes you, a wise man once told me – what better way for people to learn and grow.

Beverley Newman