A privilege for everyone - Blog by Heather Hamilton and Richard (Deputy Head)

Over the past week at the Island School we have been working closely with the Deputy Head Richard. Our team invigilated and marked eight exams for classes 6, 7 and 8 and worked with the teachers of classes 4 and 5 to identify the top performing pupils. We are going to keep a record of all the scores so that the team who returns in October can chart progress.

At assembly this morning we presented 23 prizes to the top performing children along with the medals which Joe McCallum had brought out here.

The Deputy Head Richard follows Project Africa by checking the website weekly at a cyber cafe so he asked that we put his blog on our website as follows:

“It has been a fantastic week with a lot of warmth from our dear ones from William Hill. On Wednesday every child received a new warm sweater.

Today is a very busy day at our school as we are the host for ball games – again we have had a lot of support from the William Hill Group as we need to feed more than 700 children.

It is touching, I am humbled – William Hill is the pride of the Island Primary School.”

Heather Hamilton and Richard (Deputy Head)