17km down, 83 to go - A Blog by Brian Whyte

Steady walk into our first camp yesterday afternoon, arrived around 5pm to be greeted with Moroccan mint tea and biscuits.

Camp is five tents with five sleeping mats in each, separated by about an inch. If we didn’t know our friends / colleagues before the trek – we will know them very well indeed over the next few nights.

Sunset over the dunes was pretty spectacular, the washing facilities were two plastic bowls and a jug, the toilet facilities were…… (some things are better left in the desert and this is one of those situations, quite literally).

Dinner was excellent, our trek support team produced vegetable soup, chicken, chips and fruit.

All 22 of the group eating round a camp fire, the sky sparkling like diamonds on black velvet (ooops, seem to have gone all poetic there, that’s a combination of too much heat, not enough water and blisters arriving on both feet).

The WH world is truly represented here, UK, Gibraltar, Bulgaria and Australia – everyone getting on and everyone denying that they were the snorer that broke the Sahara silence for pretty much the whole night.

Up at 6am this morning, breakfast of bread (think discus and you will get the picture), some brilliant pancake type things and a bowl of coffee.

Eight kilometre walk through the sand dunes, they are spectacular, they are steep, they are everything you would imagine the Sahara to be like, and it’s very, very hot.

Team Sahara are all in fine fettle, the blisters are still small, the legs not too sore as we arrive at a tent in the middle of a barren landscape for lunch.

So far, so good 17km gone – just the 83km to go. It’s going to get tougher.