10 sleeps to go - Blog by Alicia McKee

The initial phone call inviting me to join the October 2013 team quite literally rendered me speechless – those of you who know me will find that difficult to believe but it is true. It took several minutes for me to even realise what I was being asked to do and then once it sunk in, I started to think ‘why me’? I even wondered if there had been some kind of mistake and the call had been meant for someone else. Well it turns out it wasn’t a mistake and now here I am surrounded by piles of clothes to pack and looking up the definition of ‘essential’.

Listening to Beverley speak at our Orientation last week was really humbling and I was so pleased to see what a difference the work William Hill have done has made to the people in Ol Maisor. Project Africa isn’t just changing the lives of the children at the Island School, it is changing the entire community and we have only just started. The ‘to do’ list for our October trip is a long one and I am certain we have some great challenges ahead – both physically and mentally. That said, I have never come across a group of people who are more determined to make a difference and I have absolutely no doubt that we will do just that.

To be offered this amazing opportunity is a fantastic feeling and I have never been more proud to say that I work for William Hill.

Now back to packing…..

Alicia McKee